Adopt-A-Pet & PETA

If I never hear “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan again, that’d be perfect. It was time for PETA to do something different.



Doggie decals are placed in public places that people can’t ignore. By pushing through the turnstile, the needle is pushed away from the pet and is "saved".



2013 Graphis Gold Winner



Most people don't care about fish as living creatures - so how does PETA change peoples' POV? This solution utilizes a famous fish everyone knows and loves, except put in different context.

Soon after posting Frying Nemo on my website this poster found it's way across the internet and was eventually "stolen" to become a restaurant sign in India.


The PETA horse "floaty" pen demonstrates the horrible truth behind horse racing. Hold the pen downwards and the horse moves towards its death.

PETA Promo Pen


2012 ONE Show Winner

2013 Graphis Gold Winner